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  • Jennifer Hartnett-Henderson

    Jennifer Hartnett-Henderson

    I blend business savvy and a designer’s eye to deliver experiences that evoke and engage.

  • Demian Borba

    Demian Borba

    Maker & Learner. Product Manager with experiences as Instructor, Designer, Developer and Community Manager. Working on Adobe XD since 2015.

  • Reeti Sarup

    Reeti Sarup

    Software Engineer at Intuit | Gold-Medalist at IGDTUW | Curious to learn & share

  • Cheryl Aranha

    Cheryl Aranha

  • sundip sharma

    sundip sharma


  • Poonam Tathavadkar

    Poonam Tathavadkar

    “The pen is mightier than the sword” — Edward Bulwer-Lytton .. Carpe Diem .. Live and Let Live.. #Peace

  • Tyler Krupicka

    Tyler Krupicka

    Software Engineer in San Diego, CA

  • Dave Bergschneider

    Dave Bergschneider

    World traveler, Biker, Code Monkey. Currently working as Sr. Front-End Engineer @Intuit. San Diego, CA native.

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